Do you have a problem that can be solved with dancing?
Bring it on.

Ricki Mason is a freelance choreographer (aka stage personality Lou Henry Hoover) with over a decade of experience working in a wide range of styles and mediums.  Ricki brings a fresh choreographic perspective to theatrical performances and events of all scales.  She has created choreography for music videos, popular music artist's stage shows, musical theater productions, burlesque troupes, drag performers, corporate and private events, flash mobs, children's groups, and contemporary dance companies.  Ricki's work has been commisioned for venues ranging from Seattle's Key Arena to intimate private gatherings.  Ricki specializes in creating custom choreography for performers of all levels of dance experience, be it evening length work with professional dancers or a flash mob proposal featuring your favorite 50 uncoordinated friends.

Ricki's services include:
performance coaching
classes and workshops

*rates vary depending on location and scale of event

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